Brand Identities
What is Brand Identity?

It is the Gave first impression to the consumer when the consumer thinks about your Brand or Product? Brand identity is the total proposal that an organization makes to consumers. It play vital role in "how you want the consumer to perceive your brand?"

It is the aggregation of what the organization is doing? It explains an organizations mission, personality, promise and competitive

Brand Identity vs Brand Image

Brand identity is something develops from the company with the help of visible elements such as color, design, logo type, name symbol etc. brand image is something that develops in the minds of receiver or customer when he/she starts thinking about a particular product or service.

Brand identity and its message are inseparable in nature, the companies creates its identity through its messages. Brand image is created by the customer in their mind by decoding the company's message. It is purely depends on how consumers perceive your product.

Brand identity depends on how you present or reveal yourself towards the customers and 'who you really are?' The general meaning of brand image is, 'what is the way in which the market perceives you?' The market may perceive you in the same way, you present yourself or differently or adversely.

The nature of the brand identity is substance oriented and use long term plans to create an image. The nature of brand image is appearance oriented. The aspects such as color, appeal, size, attraction play important in creating brand image. Comparing to brand identity it is short term goal and result oriented.

Brand identity symbolizes with organizations authenticity, associations with concern's activities. Brand image symbolizes consumer's perception regarding the product of the concern. The brand identity suggest the trust and reliability, the brand identity suggest the product's individual quality and its focus.

Brand identity reflects the organizations desires, activities, and plans to develop the image of the concern. Brand image on the other hand reflects the other views of their products. Brand image more related towards want the company wants to be in the future, whereas the brand image is what, the company has achieved out of its efforts. Another difference between the two is the market identity always looks ahead and the market image is always looks back to understand what they achieved.

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